At the beginning of the year 2007, the iPhone didn’t exist. There was nothing like the app store or an app developer. Today, there are millions of apps and it is almost difficult to imagine a world without smartphones or mobile apps.

The influx of smartphones and a high demand for functional apps has influenced the establishment of scores of tech companies that employ millions of people around the world. Very few saw this magnitude of change in the job market even in 2006 and even fewer could predict a lot of the jobs that exist now.

If we can tell what jobs will be coming in a decade and how they will manifest, we can put a lot more effort into planning and preparing for these jobs. Being unable to adequately predict and plan for have left our systems playing catch up. Although there are hardly any courses on Digital Marketing or Social Media Management in Ghanaian universities, many young people are employed in the industry. Planning and preparing would have created a more enabling setup that would mean even better income streams for all involved. Let’s look at what it may all look like in in a decade.

Web​ ​Based​ ​Jobs

This is an easy one. All over the world and to some extent, in Ghana, the internet is changing everything and work is no exception. In 10 years, the jobs we see in the Americas and Europe that don’t exist here will become regular parts of our lives. Virtual Reality, Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence are growing and all these are powered by the web. Internet penetration is increasing and more jobs will exist on the internet.

Peer-To-Peer​ ​Businesses

Children who are currently in Junior High School will be ripe for the job market by the year 2027. That means that generation of young people will be a lot more used to businesses like Uber, AirBnB and a host of other peer-to-peer businesses. The industry might not be the same but the idea of business where people can make money with the resources they aren’t using like cars, homes or even time will become huge.

Research​ ​And​ ​Data​ ​Collection

The world thrives on information. Increasingly, we realize how valuable knowing and understanding the world and being able to explain that to others is. To be able to compete on the global stage, a lot more people are going to be needed to help expand the knowledge of the known universe. There is an increasing demand for market research and we are hoping to see an increase in scientific research in Ghana picks up pace. We are also becoming more aware of the need for data collection to help businesses identify patterns and trends to help improve their product and service offerings. This also opens up opportunities for employment.

Remote​ ​Employment

A combination of improved technology, cost of renting and managing office space or real estate and the new generation’s need for more control of their lives will lead to more jobs allowing their employees to work remotely. This trend of off-site employees is growing massively worldwide and creeping into Ghana’s work culture. As mentioned earlier, jobs are going to go online or be powered by the internet for the most part. It will therefore make more sense to save on office space, logistics and utility costs and have more employees working from their homes or whatever location they find themselves in.


The next generation of labour will be more open to the idea of creating and changing the world. Inventing the future won’t be left to the Germans, Americans and Asians. This is as a result of the sheer amount of information available via the internet. More recently, a 19 year old Ghanaian boy created a search engine which is being called a possible Google competitor. This is only the beginning of what our future holds.

These aren’t the only trends we should look out for but they are some of the most glaring and important and we should definitely start planning for them, for ourselves, our (future) children and our businesses.