Adulthood on its own is hard even when you just have to stay in one place trying to make ends meet. Travelling the world, however, is an amazing experience for anyone. It can also be expensive, but, there are ways to see the world without breaking the bank and we’re going to show you how.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller and technology is erasing borders while creating new realities at the same time. When people travel they get to see the world through the eyes of others and experience their cultures, realities, history and so on. The experience can be rich and life changing in many ways. There’s no better way to learn about the world than experiencing it yourself, by traveling.

When you are in the prime of your youth you’re able to enjoy trips much more. You get to sky dive, bungee jump, swim with dolphins and party all night long and create the best memories all over the world. You will meet other people looking to expand their world view and experiences as well. They could become life-long friends, who will come in handy in case you find yourself in a corner of the world they happen to live in, and need a couch to crash on.

Travelling around the world sounds expensive, but as we have already mentioned, there are ways to feed your wanderlust and create big memories on a small paycheck.

Once you decide to travel, it’s always best to travel during the off season. During peak seasons like Christmas and summer travel prices are high because of demand. Tickets are way cheaper during the off season and can get even cheaper if you plan way ahead in a group.

Sometimes the relatively overlooked destinations can offer some of the best experiences. Greece and Malta are two amazing tourist destinations to visit. You can also visit to compare airline tickets to various destinations.

Food can be very expensive for a traveller. An option for food could be street food available in the city you visit but you have to be careful. You don’t always have to eat at fancy restaurants, where most of the focus is on presentation rather than the quality and quantity of food. If you do want to eat in restaurants though, you should choose restaurants outside the city center. The food available in those locations are usually much cheaper and of better quality than those within the city. Again be careful.

Travelling in a group once again comes in handy for accommodation. Hotels usually offer cheaper rates for group bookings. You don’t always have to stay in a hotel, however. There are great sites such as AirBnb where you can you can rent an apartment for a short period. There are also the less glamorous options of and where you could share a hostel with a few other people or sleep on a random person’s couch for a few nights (there’s the added excitement of who’s couch you get to sleep on).

The whole point of travelling for most people is to see the incredible sights around the world. While professional tour guides are good at the job and will show you around as best as they can, they are an added expense you could totally do away with if you befriend a local who knows just as much and probably more than professional tour guides. Making friends with a local grants you access to the best deals that city has to offer. Talk about killing two birds.

Also, transportation can me a major drain on funds. Don’t hesitate to walk more, its healthier anyway. Also, learn the local transport systems quickly as this could help you save a buck.

When picking up souvenirs, listen to the locals for places to find quality gift items. You should try to shop outside the city center where prices are generally lower, and don’t hesitate to visit thrift shops as well. You never know what kind of gems are hidden in there. But don’t wander off into dangerous neighbourhoods looking for a good deal, you could get in trouble.

Hopefully after reading all of this, you have earned a few helpful tips and are armed and ready to explore the world beyond your front door.