Throughout this blog, we’ve been talking about multiple income streams and diversifying your portfolio. What that means in simpler terms is, don’t stop hustling; keep making money moves.

Unless through inheritance, there is rarely any way to get wealthy without the hustle. Sometimes the hustle isn’t grand or out of this world, but really just making use of your own capabilities and opportunities all around you. Let’s talk about some money moves.

Money​ ​Move​ ​#1

If you spend 8 hours a day working for someone else, you can spend about 2 hours of the day working on personal projects that could earn you some extra cash. Make a habit of thinking of new ways to make money.

Money​ ​Move​ ​#2

You can spend the money you have now on a movie ticket or a dinner but you could also spend it on a fixed deposit that would grow in a few years. Plan your leisure activities strategically and know what you can forgo to save or invest.

Money​ ​Move​ ​#3

Do you have any hobbies? Can any of them fetch you money? How about you do those for leisure and make money out of them? Nothing beats making money doing what you love.

Money​ ​Move​ ​#4

Do you have a network of people who are great at doing specific things? Can you connect them to other people who need those specific things? You can be a broker who can facilitate relationships in a way that is lucrative.

Money​ ​Move​ ​#5

Take an online course in something that could boost your worth so you can qualify for a raise in your current job. Most online courses are free, especially the ones that give you skills that are easily demonstrable. Show your boss your new skill and ask for a raise. Or simply use this skill to make some earn some extra cash on the side.

Money​ ​Move​ ​#6

At the very least, invest 20% of all your income. Whether it’s a salary, a cash gift or money that comes your way unexpectedly. It doesn’t seem like a massive amount when you think of it but if you saved 20% of everything you earn, your fallback account could end up looking very fluffy in the long run.

Money​ ​Move​ ​#7

In every situation you find yourself, think; how can I make money from this. It could be now or it could be later because someone owes you one. When you are constantly in that head space, you never miss an opportunity.

You can never make too much money. Wealth creation is a journey worth starting sooner rather than later. Start making money moves today.