Everyone’s path to wealth is different. But for most wealthy people who have been interviewed in the past, there are habits that cut across the top 1%. Let’s go into 5 of the basic ones you can pick up right now. Review your goals consistently Goal-setting is an irrefutable part of wealth creation so we won’t get into that. When you’ve already set your goals, one of the most important habits you need to pick up is creating a lazer-sharp focus on those goals. Consistently comparing actual achievements to targets and plans helps you ascertain how close you are to or how far you are from those goals. It helps you understand which of your plans and timelines need to be adjusted. Also, reminding yourself of the goal is an effective way to stay motivated.

Have a dedicated morning ritual.

Your morning sets the tone for what the rest of your day is going to be. A dedicated morning ritual has several benefits.
Wealth creation requires discipline. Your ability to create and stick to a morning ritual is an indication of your discipline. It doesn’t have to be a ritual that is directly linked to your career or your wealth creation goals. While a few successful people like Barack Obama (former US President) and Anna Wintour (Vogue Editor) start their day with physical activity, Jeff Bezoz (Amazon CEO) starts with family time. Although it doesn’t have to be linked to your wealth creation efforts directly, the morning ritual should be something that keeps you grounded and makes your life better.

Associate yourself with those you want to emulate

One of the most common idioms in our culture is ‘show me your friend and I will show you your character’. Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker stated that “you become like the five people you spend the most time with.” One great piece of advice in self improvement is to never be the smartest person in a room. Surround yourself high achievers who motivate you, inspire you and push you to be better. Work towards having a personal relationship with your mentors because when you are close to greatness, you are under positive pressure to do better. Wealthy people have wealthy friends for a reason.

Invest in yourself

Picking up habits and sticking to daily rituals should be two important elements in your journey of constant and conscious self development. No matter how much you want to achieve your goals, you need to be able to make yourself valuable to people and that requires investment of time, money and energy into making yourself one of the best in whatever you do. There is a reason why a lot of successful people get paid huge sums to serve on company boards that meet only a few times a year. Look at yourself and find out what you are the ‘go-to-guy’ for. If there is nothing, pick up a skill and get investing in yourself.

Take risks

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” That sounds like a no brainer but a lot of people live their lives avoiding anything that has a less than 50% probability of success. If you try 100 things, you might achieve only 50 but if you try 50 things because those are the ones you are sure about, you will achieve less. High probabilities sometimes fail you where low probabilities come through. Don’t be afraid to take risks. A lot of success stories are filled with moments where people took a leap of faith and did things almost everyone thought was crazy or impossible. That being said, embrace risk and the possibility of failure that lies therein. Think of failure not as the end, but the beginning of a better idea.