Life gets better
When a baby is born, it’s a time to celebrate. From playing dress up with the baby to taking adorable pictures, they bring us joy. When they take their first steps, again we celebrate. Then they say their first words and every time they say something new, we have reason to be happy. Then comes their first day of school, a career of education, and then suddenly graduation – and we realize we have raised another human being. The pride we feel in knowing that we have been responsible for creating another member of society. Our own person. That’s how we feel at GHL Bank. We started out as a mortgage company, a baby really. But by our first steps we were already running with the big players in the industry and it didn’t take us long to become the renowned mortgage specialists. Over the years, the number of success stories that we have made possible make us beam with immense joy and pride.

People walk in looking for solutions to various life issues and we are always glad to respond with a myriad of solutions that go beyond their immediate needs and helps them in creating their wealth. After developing products that go beyond mortgages and home finance solutions and spread into several aspects of people’s lives, it is only right that we take this next step together with our esteemed clients. Ghana Home Loans has become GHL Bank, the foremost bank for wealth creation. Now our clients can make all their monthly mortgage payments online with no need for postdated checks. Mortgage statements are also now available in real time on our online banking platforms while our esteemed clients can also receive alerts for insurance renewals among others. The mortgage specialists have indeed become a bank. Welcome to our graduation.


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