Somewhere in history someone discovered the joys of investing and then ultimately making money with money. We don’t specifically know this person but we can make a fair assumption about how things unfolded. Let’s take a learning trip down memory lane (or a few trips maybe). Investment probably started on a farm. Indeed, there is the whole metaphor of a seed becoming a plant and bearing fruits that give more seeds, but there is a bigger and deeper insight here. The gatherer foraged far and wide collecting fruits and grains and found a way to keep them for a “rainy day” maybe. It was only a matter of time till the gatherers figured that these will sprout in the ground and bear more.

Now the seed gatherers would become land owners and grow their own food. Alternatively, they would plant on other people’s lands and then share the produce. The lessons abound in this. You need to seek out opportunities, gather (or save) as much money as you can and not be afraid to take on partners. There is profit to be made from the right investments. Investment probably continued in the forest. When people realized that they couldn’t “live by the farm alone”, they had to go hunting (or they had already started hunting, whichever came first). The few skilled people who knew how to make the necessary tools (or weapons) obviously became hot property. Those who knew the forests well delivered meats and pelts because they knew where to go. The guys who invested in the hunters, buying and developing their tools of trade and equipping them for the tricky journeys into the wild definitely yielded great results.


There are vital lessons in here as well. Knowledge is power, hence investing in skilled labor certainly guarantees profitable results. Knowing where to go and who to go with is key to ensuring the success of a venture. Also, like the hunter to goes into the unknown armed with just the knowledge of trial and error, an investor should take risks. Because failure is a component of success.


When people started to realize they needed clothes a whole industry was born. Where there is an industry, there are investors. The farmers and hunters needed durable work clothes while the richer folks needed fancier clothes that showed their status (as investors, not farmers or hunters). So obviously, the people who knew how to make clothes became very important. The tools they made clothes with, became important. But it all came down to the thread. He who controlled the production and distribution of the tread controlled the market. People needed to wear clothes, the weather can be unforgiving.


There’s a lesson here. In investing, control is key. A good investor looks for opportunities where he can control the variables. If his money is going to work for him he must be able to have a say in what it does. Simple really. So everyone in this regard can become an employer and every employer is a potential investor. So go ahead and give your money a job working for you. Money doesn’t sleep so let your money work hard so you don’t have to.