What are the different types of taxes for a. The salaried worker Answer: There are five tax levels according to your monthly salary as an employee and they are as follows. 0% for the first GHS 120 (monthly) 5% for the next GHS 60 / GHS 720 10% for the next GHS 84 / GHS 1,008
Adulthood on its own is hard even when you just have to stay in one place trying to make ends meet. Travelling the world, however, is an amazing experience for anyone. It can also be expensive, but, there are ways to see the world without breaking the bank and we’re going to show you how. […]
“Follow Your Dreams. Don’t settle for a 9-5. There is nothing better than working for yourself.” These are wonderful sentiments and in some cases even great advice. But there is a fundamental problem with how such advice is often presented. There seems to be a common rhetoric amongst many that being an entrepreneur is always […]
Life gets better When a baby is born, it’s a time to celebrate. From playing dress up with the baby to taking adorable pictures, they bring us joy. When they take their first steps, again we celebrate. Then they say their first words and every time they say something new, we have reason to be […]
It’s easy to think Bill Gates or Warren Buffet when you hear the word billionaire. If you’re more in tune with your sense of pan-African solidarity, you might think Aliko Dangote. But that’s still not enough. There is this thing called representation; seeing other people like yourself achieve certain things, or simply being represented makes […]
Everyone’s path to wealth is different. But for most wealthy people who have been interviewed in the past, there are habits that cut across the top 1%. Let’s go into 5 of the basic ones you can pick up right now. Review your goals consistently Goal-setting is an irrefutable part of wealth creation so we […]